‘Push Play!’ ‘Fruity Loops Studio Remix contest’


‘Push Play!’ ‘Fruity Loops Studio Remix contest’


I’m really supporting the new generation. Sometimes it’s too bad to see that a lot of young ‘producers’ are focusing too much on the internet and writing on forums. Some of them seem to have lost focus. Making music isn’t about being “blogger #1”. With ‘Push Play!’ I was inspired by this internet and forum phenomenon. Maybe not the best way to make friends, but I felt the need to express my opinion on the matter. The new generation needs to re-focus on the music itself again, because the scene needs it. 

Because many people don’t understand the lyrics in the first place, Brennan Heart decided to start this rmx contest to clear things up! The song is not about those that use FL Studio and is not about those that use samples. It’s about the people that spend little time making music, using lots of prefabricated material and spend much time on the internet bitching about other producers on forums. To all those FLS users who have wrongly been offended, here is your chance to make that bomb-track and even get a release on Brennan Heart’s label M!D!FY RECORDS!

With this Rmx contest, only for Fruity Loops users, Brennan Heart want’s to support all new producers!! 
The best rmx will be released on the last Musical Impressions Album Sampler. Traxx to rmx: Faith In Your Dj/Memento/Revival X. Download here the outtakes. Competition closes at 30-11-2009.

Contest rulez click here

Download files here