Scantraxx Recordz welcomes Proto Bytez


Dishing up delightful ‘bytez’ of marvellously rough beats, striving and adept pair Proto Bytez are a true example of being “in it for the music.” With hard kicks and majestic melodies embedded deep into their DNA, this dynamic duo has held a deep bond with Hardstyle for over ten years.

Releases such as “One Destiny” with Jay Reeve, “Back Down,” “Recreation” with Recharge and “Fire Up,” highlight the Proto Bytez sound, which is based on Hardstyle’s core elements: stunning melodies, god-like atmospheres, hard kicks and rough electronic elements!

Taking a leap into the future, we’re proud to announce this dynamic duo as the latest addition to the Scantraxx Recordz family. Stay tuned, ‘cause Proto Bytez will bring it in 2018!