OUT NOW! Frontliner & Wildstylez – Spin That Shit (S.W.A.T. Anthem 2009)


OUT NOW! Frontliner & Wildstylez – Spin That Shit (S.W.A.T. Anthem 2009) 

“Oh well, there are so many party’s, I’m sure I didn’t miss anything special”, is how you often try to justify yourself for skipping a party for whatever reason (exams, a broken leg, tickets sold out, work commitments, having an off-day), while you actually wanted to be there. A plausible thought, considering the amount of party’s in Holland that are being thrown in your face every weekend. But there is no justification for the ones that missed Scantraxx S.W.A.T.: Hell yeah you missed something! 

Now you have the change to rock the stage with the orignal Scantraxx S.W.A.T. anthem. Frontliner and Wildstylez teamed up to make a very special, limited edition, S.W.A.T. anthem. And you know that these guys know what real quality is, so buy this limited edition vinyl and you will rip off the dance floor with this EP.

On the A side ‘Spin That Shit’ and on the B side the Scope DJ Rmx of ‘Spin That Shit. This man pops out great tracks time after time. Many, many hardstyle fanatics love his well-known sound. So make sure that you spin this shit at your gigs!

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