Out Now: Digital Punk & Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz – We Still Don’t Give a F_ck!


A2 Records representative Digital Punk and the notorious Frequencerz have hit it just as hard once again with their follow up to the successful “We Don’t Give A Fuck”. Blending Digital Punk’s sophisticated and edgy approach to raw hardstyle with Frequencerz signature screeching sounds and ruthless atmosphere, this track is certainly one that will live it large during this year’s festival season.

With the vocals from the raw at heart MC Nolz, “We Still Don’t Give A Fuck” is one track that will have party-goers singing along and dancing like it was the last party ever to the powerful kicks and screeches.

The wait is finally over and the party kicks off when “We Still Don’t Give A Fuck” is released on A2 Recordz on (18/02/2015).