OUT NOW! A-lusion – Visual Perception


OUT NOW! A-lusion – Visual Perception

Welcome to amazing Hardstyle world’s of A-lusion. His typical ‘A-lusion sound’ already convinced thousands of Hardstyle lovers throughout the world. After a busy time in his studio A-lusion hits back with a gigantic blast. It is time to prepare yourself for a dazzling 4 tracker on Scantraxx Silver. 

The world of A-lusion has many different sides but one particular side will never change: the eagerness to take everybody to a higher level of consciousness! With this new EP this man takes you on a ride throughout the different ‘Hardstyle Worlds of A-lusion’. Scantraxx Silver 008 – A-lusion – Visual Perception is a 4 tracker with on the A side ‘Visual Perception’ and ‘Too Close’ and on the B side ‘No Regrets’ and ‘Blue Fairy’.

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