New sublabel: Scantraxx CARBON


Since the arrival of Scantraxx BLACK, the raw Hardstyle mainlabel of Scantraxx, in June 2019 there has been an influx of talented raw Hardstyle producers with Scantraxx. These talented artists have been accommodated with the talent sublabel ‘Scantraxx SILVER’ where traditionally only euphoric Hardstyle got released. The expectation was that the merging of talented euphoric and raw Hardstyle artists would be possible on one label. Only the influx of raw Hardstyle artists on Scantraxx SILVER grew the need to set apart the 2 subgenres to give the opportunity to give a stronger branding to both the artists and the labels. Following this, we’ve started with the development of a new raw Hardstyle sublabel: ‘Scantraxx CARBON’. With the launch of the raw Hardstyle sublabel ‘CARBON’ we are able to provide a stronger identity to both the euphoric and raw Hardstyle artists by providing them a dedicated sublabel. CARBON stands for tough, powerful and high quality like the lightweight material that is being used in sports- and racecars. The name of the colour ‘carbon black’ is also a logical combination with a link to the raw mainlabel ‘Scantraxx BLACK’.

Artists and first releases
The raw Hardstyle talents of the newly sublabel that will be releasing are Imperatorz, Deluzion, Rogue Zero, Level One, Crossfight, Nightcraft, Refract, Revive and more to come!
On the 2nd of June Imperatorz has the honour of the first release followed by Nightcraft on June 5 and Crossfight on June 9.

Scantraxx as growing platform
With the launch of CARBON we are providing the ideal growth platform for euphoric and raw Hardstyle talent. On the euphoric side this means that the artist is able to grow from X-Bone to SILVER to Scantraxx, and on the raw side this means a growth platform from X-Raw to CARBON to Scantraxx BLACK.