Make You Dance Bookings presents: Krusaders

Make You Dance Bookings presents: Krusaders

We have only just begun but we already can release that a new producers duo has signed to Make You Dance Bookings. These two artists are the latest talents from the massive Scantraxx label: Krusaders!

These two brothers with a passion for Hardstyle have signed to the Scantraxx label in the winter of 2009 /2010. Not long afterwards they released their first record called “Supernatural” which immediately got picked up by all the big names in the scene. Thanks to their massive first release they’ve positioned themselves firmly between the other (upcoming) producers. They are ready to show whom the ‘Krusaders’ are all about! 

The future seems to have a lot in store for these guys. So if you are a looking for a new, energetic and act for your event: ‘Krusaders’ is an excellent choice! 

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