Interview: Ran-D


Very first question: what’s going on in Ran-D’s world nowadays?

 I’m a pretty happy person The festival season has just started, and it’s packed with a lot of massive gigs. This means I’m really busy in the studio, working long days creating new music for fresh new sets this summer. Besides my solo career there’s also my collaboration project Gunz For Hire with my good friend ThijsPloegmakers (DJ Adaro). It’s a real challenge to keep both my acts fresh. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but it’s so much fun to do!Who can say they actually turned their hobby into a job? I’m a lucky guy.

The last couple of months have been stunning for you with both projects Ran-D and Gunz For Hire. You played major gigs with highlights such as Qlimax and Decibel Outoor. How does it feel?

It’s a big rush! I feel blessed to experience all of these great things. I’ve been working for years to get to the point where I am right now. Developing myself as a producer and as a DJ. I started off as a visitor at events likeQlimax and Defqon.1 Festival, and it was always my dream to perform there one day. This year I played at so many great events, with thousands of enthusiastic people. It truly is a dream come true.

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