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Interview Alpha² | The countdown has started

It has been about 14 years ago since we first set foot on Amsterdam ArenA ground. This was during the concert of the legendairy Michael Jackson. Not until four years later our second visit took place and this was because of the very first edition of Sensation White. The performances we remember the most were Tiesto’s and Sven Vath’s.

What we recal quite clearly is the moment Tiesto played the anthem and the ArenA turned completely white because of the confetti. This is one of those moments you never forget. During that time we only spinned our vinyls up in our rooms just for fun. The first edition of Sensation certainly urged us to try and get more out of DJing, but if somebody then had said that one day we would play at the Arena ourselves we would have taken him for a fool.

Of course from then on we visited more editions of Sensation in the Amsterdam ArenA. Mostly the “BLACK” ones (probably no surprise) and every time it was so impressive to see a whole stadium go completely insane. In 2004 we got our first gig in the ArenA at a “BLACK” edition, as we had to play in the VIP area.
We had never gotten so close and every next year we hoped to get a chance to play at the mainstage.

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