Interview Headhunterz 3D World Magazine / Q-dance Australia


Interview Headhunterz 3D World Magazine / Q-dance Australia

Firstly – what’s happening in the world of Headhunterz at the moment? How are you feeling about the upcoming Australian tour?

Actually there’s a lot going on in ‘Headhunterz world’ at the moment. I was very busy for Qlimax, and now I’m mainly spending my time preparing my own edition of X-Qlusive in January, which of course I’m very exited about and I want it to be memorable!! Then there are the performances every weekend, sometimes during the week and meanwhile I am also moving to a new house and as if that’s not enough, moving my studio as well. So, I guess I’m pretty busy at the moment!

Has your life changed at all since the release of the album last year? There don’t seem to be many hardstyle artists releasing albums – why do you think this is? Has writing an album changed your creative approaches as an artist at all?

Well if you ask me there’s plenty of albums coming out lately! Which is a good thing I think. Loads of new tracks to play, new people get reached and it leaves room for the producer to experiment a bit! The Project One album was absolutely an important thing for me. Consider that every single track is a learning process. Every track reveals new secrets while making it, and it never stops. So when you make 12 in a row you learn a lot! Every track I make now would have been different if I didn’t make that album.

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