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Interview Alpha² Core Magazine 

Earning a solid reputation at the legendary Qlubtempo parties in the early 2000’s and slowly conquering the world from thereon, Arjen and Anco Timmerman can rightly be considered one of the most constant forces in the Hardstyle scene since its birth. With performances all over Europe and recently in Australia, their dark sound slowly swallows more and more souls worldwide: this is the story of the Alpha Twins.

‘It’s a matter of taste,’ Arjen says. ‘We both happen to like dark, raw hardstyle. It’s always been like that really – there’s no particular philosophy to it, although it is a way of setting ourselves apart in a sense. Of course this doesn’t mean we don’t play more accessible stuff; there are really good tracks in that department too and it can often be very useful during a two hour set.’

The twins, who aren’t actually twins at all, often team up with others for their releases. ‘Of course solo releases are very important but we do like to collaborate with other artists. Besides the social aspect, which is always a lot of fun, we also learn a lot from it. Other artists always tend to have a different approach to
things. For instance we recently did a new collaboration with Wildstylez, producing a new rack we named ‘Atrocious’.  A collaboration with Zatox is also in the pipeline.’

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