Intents Festival broadcasts Scantraxx SWAT area live on YouTube

Intents Festival broadcasts Scantraxx SWAT area live on YouTubeIntents

On the 4th of June, you can follow Intents Festival live via YouTube thanks to a unique collaboration between Scantraxx Recordz, Kemmer Media Group and YouTube!

Scantraxx Recordz, who has worked closely with Google (the owner of YouTube) over the past few years, gets the scoop to write history together with organizer ‘De Kloontjes’. It will be the first time that a dance-organization and a record label get the opportunity to live-broadcast a dance-event. Video-website YouTube has broadcast dance events in other countries before, but this will be the first time in The Netherlands.

Intents Festival, which takes place in the south of The Netherlands since a couple of years, grabs this opportunity with both hands. A collaboration with Scantraxx Recordz and Google in this size is unheard of. With this live broadcast one thing is clear: Fans will get the unique experience to follow the sold-out party from up close.

During Intents Festival, the Scantraxx SWAT area will be broadcasted live in collaboration with Kemmer Media Group. They will provide the entire broadcast at the Scantraxx YouTube-channel:

Visit the website of Intents Festival, Scantraxx Recordz or Kemmer Media Group for more information: