Headhunterz USA / Mexico tour 2011

Headhunterz USA / Mexico tour 2011

In the year that Afrojack and Chuckie dominate dance music headlines with their success in the United States, you would almost forget that another Dutch music export is rapidly becoming popular overseas: Hardstyle. 2011 has become the breakthrough year with hard dance artists headlining the biggest festivals all over the country. And to prove the sky is the limit, Headhunterz is now commencing on his massive 18-city tour around the US and Mexico where he will bring his sound to even the most remote corners of the Northern American continent.

Hard Dance Nation USA will be flying Headhunterz from Miami in the South, to New York City in the East, to Seattle in the North and all the way to Hawaii in the West. “For me this tour will be as awesome as it will be a stretch to continue my other work. During this month I will have to keep on working on my new album, which is due hopefully this year. At the same time I just know that everything I will see and hear during this month will give me new inspiration for my music.” In order to continue his work, Headhunterz will be packing quite a setup to compensate for missing his studio time in Holland.

If anyone still had a doubt that Headhunterz’ music would be popular in this region of the world then the first Headhunterz podcast ‘Hard With Style’ proved them utterly wrong. It landed a secure 5th position of the most popular podcasts in the world, well before the weekly episodes of other famous dance artists. Next to his new podcast series, Headhunterz recently became the first hard dance artist to surpass the 300.000 fan mark on Facebook. On the 29th of October 2011, he will host his first very own area at Thrillogy taking place at the massive Jaarbeurshallen complex in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

For a full tour schedule check: www.headhunterz.nl or www.harddancenation.com .

Listen to Headhunterz’ podcast at: www.hardwithstyle.nl

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