Hardstyle.com – Home of the Harder Styles – renewed

Hardstyle.com 3.0 – Home of the Harder Styles

Over the past couple of years, Hardstyle.com has been providing hard dance lovers with an overdose of their favorite music and merchandise. Making sure that everyone has the widest selection possible, a lot of which is exclusive to this particular music portal, at a very affordable price and thorough a very easy-to-use website has placed Hardstyle.com as one of the top online music portals we have today.

The first and probably most notable change is the design update. It’s fresh and refined, which is exactly what you need to search for and purchase the products you would like to with little to no complication. Being a worldwide music portal, some of you will notice that Hardstyle.com is now available in a variety of different languages, a feature that will only add to the trouble-free browsing already on offer. There are also a number of changes to the ‘Browse Music’ section, taking away that overwhelming feeling that can be caused by such a large variety of content. The addition of ‘Most Popular Labels/Artists’ means you can find what’s hot and on-demand almost instantly! Among other things, Hardstyle.com is now faster to navigate due to numerous performance improvements. There is a lot to discover, so make sure you go and take a look for yourself!

Hardstyle.com renewed: http://www.hardstyle.com

Rudy Peters, CEO of Hardstyle.com, has been working hard with his team over the past few months to provide everyone with the update as quick as possible and he had this to say on the subject:

“We’re finally able to release the renewed shop. After months of brainstorming, designing and scripting, the shop is ready. A special thank you to our test panel, with their help we were able to improve the shop even more.”

The update is a breath of fresh air and displays Hardstyle.com’s constant ability to improve and provide the best service possible. Everyone is encouraged to explore, test and enjoy all the additional features made available and if there is any feedback at all, get in touch: http://support.hardstyle.com