Gunz for Hire: ‘The Resistance’ 013 Tilburg


013 Tilburg better be warned, because on May 18th, Gunz for Hire will kick off their Dutch tour, codename “The Resistance”, with only one mission: Total Destruction 

One year after their explosive entrance into the Hardstyle scene (Decibel Outdoor 2011), Gunz for Hire carefully stepped back from the Dutch party scene to prepare new tracks in the studio and embark on a foreign tour out of Holland’s sight.

Gunz for Hire toured through Australia under the codename “Sorrow” to complete their objective of infiltrating the distant continent, leaving the crowd infected with the Gunz for Hire virus as of December 2012. 

They chose Hard Bass Reclamation as the stage to return and unveil new hits like “Swagger”, “Inside my Head”  and “ The Massacre”. This was just a warmup for their already scheduled Dutch comeback tour. 

Trailer: “Tilburg, better lock your doors ‘cause we’re coming to your town!”

On the 18th of May, Gunz for Hire will kick off their own small-scaled Dutch tour. “On this stage we will not reveal the entire tour and what’s going to happen. We can say that we are attending several festivals during the summer, and will be harrassing some clubs along the way.” as said by Gunz for Hire themselves. The mission is simple: Infect everyone with the deadly Gunz for Hire virus. With loaded guns, full of explosive new tracks, they will aim for total destruction. Be prepared.

You have been provided with a brief idea of the upcoming months in their video “Emergency Call 911”. The new tour’s ticket sale will start on the 27th of March 9.11 pm (21:11) on Make sure you secure your tickets on time!