GroupOne Presents: Scantraxx 10 Years – Kutski


Hi Kutski! How are you? Can you fill us in on some info about yourself?
Hi!!! I’m a DJ from the UK, I play across the whole hard dance scene from hardstyle to hardcore! I have a show on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, as well as my own podcast and show on Q Dance radio called “Keeping The Rave Alive”. I’ve been DJ’ing for over 10 years now, and am know for playing a crazy selection of music with lots of fast mixing and scratching!

So what was it that got you involved with music and how did you get to where you are now?
When I was young I listened to rave music in the early 90’s. Like most kids that listen to rock music want to get a guitar, I wanted to get a set of turntables and learn to mix records! I entered and won many DJ competitions which in turn lead to club bookings and residencies at some of the biggest nights in the UK, and now around the world!! It’s been a crazy journey!

We’ve all been celebrating 10 Years of Scantraxx this year. What do you think is the secret to their success?
Running a record label successfully for even the shortest time is a difficult task, so to do it over 10 years is an incredible achievement! This can only be down to having the perfect balance of dedication to running the label as a successful business while also being the leaders in the music and nurturing new talent. Scantraxx has done it all!!

Would you say the presence of Scantraxx has positively influenced your career?
Absolutely!!! I came from a background of UK hard house and hardcore until I heard an import record in my local record shop that sounded like hard house with european hardcore / gabber sounds. This was my first exposure to hardstyle music, and of cause the record label, Scantraxx!!! So it is a great privilege to now have my music released on the label at play at the event to celebrate 10 years of the label!! 

On the 6th of October , Scantraxx and GroupOne will host a huge party in Austria, where you will perform. Any special plans for the celebration? 
As always with big events like this I will be working on lots of cool re-edits of tracks for my set… and again, as always I can’t tell you or it will spoil the surprise on the night 😉 

What can you tell us about the partygoers over there? Have you got any stories from previous performances in Austria?
I’ve only actually played once in Austria before, and I was a great event!! The only really funny story from the gig is when I was in the airport in the UK I took a picture of lots of empty beer glasses at the bar and posted it on facebook for fun, but when the promoter collected me from the airport at the other side, he was expecting me to be really drunk as he thought I had really drank it all haha… The expectation of being English i guess ;P

What else have you got coming up? Maybe some solo projects or collaborations?
The biggest thing I have coming up soon is actually my first ever release on Scantraxx!! A collaboration with my long time friend Audiofreq called ‘Forgiven’ which will should be released by the time you read this, so please go and check it out to see what you think!! 

As we move into the winter months, can you tell us what sort of influence (if any) the switch between seasons has on your tracks and sets?
I don’t change my style too much depending on the time of year. Obviously in the summer it’s great to play the big sing-a-long anthems at the sunny festivals, but also in the winter when it is so cold and gloomy, it’s always nice to hear a feel-good track!! I always try and play music to put a smile on peopel faces no matter what time of year it is 🙂

So we can get to know you better, can you tell us one funny mistake you’ve made since the beginning of your career and how you’ve learned from it?
Ahh, there are so many mistakes i’ve made over the years haha… And this is the only way to become a truly good DJ. You have to empty the dancefloor many times before you learn how to get the crowd back, and I am proud to have done both many times in my earlier career!! Playing too underground at commercial clubs, playing to commercial at underground club… They are all things you have to do before you can learn to read a crowd properly, and as painful as these moments are at the time, they are the best lessons you will ever learn as a DJ 🙂 

Have you got any last words for the die-hards who can’t wait for the 6th of October ? 
Get ready to buy me a drink incase I forget to change my pounds to Euros in the airport hehe 😛 See you all there!!!!!! 


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