GroupOne Presents: Scantraxx 10 Years – Adaro


Hi Adaro! How are you? Can you fill us in on some info about yourself?
My name is Adaro. I am fine, hope you are all doing fine too! I’m a hardstyle dj/producer living in the south of Holland.

So what was it that got you involved with music and how did you get to where you are now?
From when I was a little kid I have always been a music freak. I started producing in the end of the 90’s. I have been producing lots of different electronic music styles and some years ago I started focusing on my hardstyle career as Adaro, and the ‘Gunz for Hire’ project with my mate Ran-D.

We’ve all been celebrating 10 Years of Scantraxx this year. What do you think is the secret to their success?
Scantraxx is one of the labels that was there since the beginning of hardstyle. Through the years they have delivered constant quality, discovered lots of talents and did great brand management with the name Scantraxx.

Would you say the presence of Scantraxx has positively influenced your career?
Yes, I release my tracks on A² Records, a harder sublabel of Scantraxx. Because A² Records can use the same promotion channels as Scantraxx, you get a lot of exposure when you have a new release.

On the 6th of October, Scantraxx and GroupOne will host a huge party in Austria, where you will perform. Any special plans for the celebration?
Well I play there as Adaro and together with Ran-D we will also perform as Gunz For Hire live. This is our first performance since Defqon.1, and we can’t wait to tear the roof down in Austria! We’re so excited!

What can you tell us about the partygoers over there? Have you got any stories from previous performances in Austria?
We performed with Gunz For Hire in Austria earlier this year. This was really amazing! The people in Austria are really dedicated to the music and really look forward to hardstyle events that are organized there. I get sent so much messages on Facebook about this event, the people are hardstyle to the bone! This is the crowd that we love! 

What else have you got coming up? Maybe some solo projects or collaborations?
There are some nice things coming up. I have recently finished a track together with Digital Punk. It’s called ‘Everyday’ and it got great feedback from our colleagues and hardstyle fans. We are now making the second collab, a more raw track, that will be finished soon.
Also I’m going in the studio with Crypsis, we hope to finish a track before his night at Thrillogy, where I play back2back with him.

As we move into the winter months, can you tell us what sort of influence (if any) the switch between seasons has on your tracks and sets?
I don’t care about the weather or seasons. In my studio there is no window so cannot be influenced by the weather haha. I just make what I love and that’s the harder side of hardstyle and sometimes there is a bit more melody in it than other times. But this is more depending of my mood than of the weather.

Have you got any last words for the die-hards who can’t wait for the 6th of October?
I can’t wait to play in the Pyramide. I’m really looking forward to see the Austrian partypeople again, we will altogether make it a night to remember!

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