Fear.FM review: A² Records – Unleashed

Fear.FM review: A² Records – Unleashed

So, the time has come to crack my fingers and open my ears for this very exclusive review that Fear.FM has been given the chance to do. If you’ve already gotten this far, you’d already know that I’m talking about the new and smoking hot “A² Records – Unleashed” album, which was graciously supplied to us by Scantraxx Recordz.

To get an overall feel of the album I took the time to listen to the whole thing, which turned out to be one of the best 75 minutes of my day. Not to get ahead of myself and spoil the fun, but I just can’t hold myself in as I excitedly scream out: “This is AWESOME!”. There we go, now I can start taking a look at each individual track and get you all hyped up for this monster release.

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