Exclusive interview Sarah Maria


Exclusive interview Sarah Maria

Sarah Maria did an exclusive interview with Scantraxx Recordz.  It is the greatest hype at the moment: JDX ft. Sarah Maria – Live the moment. Nobody stops talking about this amazing track where JDX had to opportunity to work together with the incredible talented Sarah Maria. They’ve combined their forces and the result is a track with nothing but magical ingredients! Sarah Mariah is the voice behind JDX ft. Sarah Maria – Live The Moment (Preview here).

*can you please tell us something about yourself?
– I was born and raised in Billings, MT by my amazing parents David and Sandra Kreiter.  Both are musicians.  I only have one sibling, Andrew Kreiter, who lives in Seattle, WA.  He is one of the most talented soccer (sorry UK….I mean FUTBOL) players I have ever seen.  The love of my life is my beautiful son Shawn Michael (7).  Shawn will ALWAYS be my biggest inspiration.  My full name is Sarah Marie Kreiter.   Sarah Maria comes from the James Taylor song “Sarah Maria” which I love, and also because my name is so close to it.  I left my last name out because alot of people can’t pronounce my last name.  I’m a small town girl with big dreams so about 13 months ago, I decided to move to L.A. to pursue my dream of becoming a recording artist.  Something more……I have never actually been anywhere outside of the U.S. and would love to do a show in the UK!  

*Tell us something more about your collaboration with JDX?
– JDX and I met by “accident”.  My boyfriend Courtney set up a meeting with another producer to come hear me sing at a local Venice Beach Restaurant- The Whaler.  When I met the other producer, JDX was with him.  After talking with JDX, we exchanged contact information.  Maybe 2 weeks later, we sat down and started writing “Searching”.  Within ONE day the song, vocals and youtube video were done.  It was like the magical music click that we needed.  Shortly after, we wrote “Wild Card” and “Illuminate”.  When JDX approached me about doing a hardstyle song, I have to admit I was pretty clueless, so I started doing a little research into what hardstyle was all about.  I told him I wanted to write lyrics about living in the moment and not having to worry about what comes next.  Thoroughly enjoying 100% of the moment I was in.  That day, “Live the Moment” came to life in the studio.  So, I guess our collaborations are a little experimental? I truly, never imagined it would become such a touching, inspirational song to so many people.  Not only do we mesh musically, we have become really great friends.  JDX is truly a blessing.  

*What was the best part when you were making this track?
-feeling the music that JDX was composing just made me think even more about where I am in my life, and my career.  I felt so present in the moment that I was in, I started writing.  The first line I wrote was, “The present has a home, let regret live alone”. I feel that if we are too busy regretting our past, we can’t focus on the present moment we are in.  Every moment leads up to the one we are in now, and we have to cherish them.  Life IS changing fast….which brings emotions of all different types.  Sitting in the quiet atmosphere enjoying the moment of music was definitely the best part about making this track.  The passion for our art.

*You’ve also performed at a few houseparty’s in Holland.  What did you think of it?
-Well, as I said earlier, I have never physically been outside the U.S. except to Canada when I was young.  It’s pretty surreal to know that my voice has traveled to many more places than I think I have even dreamed of.  It makes me giggle when I tell people that my voice has been to Amsterdam, but I never have.  It’s so awesome to see DJ’s like the Prophet and Headhunterz playing the song!  I would love more than anything to do a live show in the UK though. When I’m  on stage…..I am home.

*JDX ft. Sarah Maria was used at Qlimax and Qountdown during the shows.  How does it feel that they used your track?
– Again, completely surreal!  When JDX told me about Qlimax, I was so excited!   Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend, so I listened for hours on Q-dance radio online….until the moment I heard the first note.  I had a few people over listening as well, and they will tell you , I burst into tears!  THAT moment I will never forget.  THAT moment was the moment I realized my dreams were coming true, and the hard work was paying off.  Qountdown was a complete surprise!  JDX told me the song would be used, but I had no clue it would be at midnight.  What an honor!!!!  When I saw one of the videos the next day, I couldn’t believe they used our song for the actual countdown to the New Year.  I have a feeling 2010 will be a GREAT year!  Qountdown was even a little more special to me, because people were familiar with the song.  The reaction of the crowd when “Live the Moment” started playing was something I never imagined.  Nothing is more powerful than seeing the emotion and reaction of thousands of people……singing your song!  

*Did you expect this record would be hugely appreciated by the crowd?
– My hope was that the crowd would love it.  Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this much hype around it!  It’s still completely surreal that the release is so anticipated!  I’ve met fans from ALL OVER the UK that absolutely cannot wait to have this song!  It’s really amazing, and I feel so blessed.  My hope was that “Live the Moment” would spread a message…. to touch people with my lyrics.   This track certainly appears to have done that.  Now we need a music video! (laughs)

*Next to hardstyle, do you have any other musical interests?
– This is such a hard question!   I love music so much, of every variety…every genre.  I would love to do some more “New age” sounding songs, because that genre gives you such a wide range musically.  I love funk/jazz/soul.  The motown era brought such incredible artists to the forefront during difficult times.  They turned every emotion they had into great, great music.  You could see and feel their passion in the music as well as the dancing.  I really want to do a funk album, throw in some soul, add a few horns and help bring back to life some of the greatest (in my opinion) music ever.  But, honestly, I find appreciation for any kind of musical genre.  As long as I can sing it, I’d love to bring it!  (laughs)

*What do you think are the best parts about yourself? (talking about inner self)
– I am a cancer, which makes me very emotional.  My emotions are evident in my lyrics and in my singing.  I have had an incredible journey.  I have overcome many obstacles , which have made me stronger, and I have many more to face.  We all do!  I used to be very self-conscious.  There came a point in my life a couple of years ago where my life seemed to be out of control.  I formed a friendship in my hometown with an amazing poet/writer/photographer- David Overturf who became a mentor to me.  He helped me realize that life is too short to live in the past.  I made a commitment to myself to change the path I was on and turn it into inspiration. Inspiration for myself and inspiration to others.  To allow myself to feel every emotion.  I am stubborn and driven,  which makes me work that much harder.  Determination and perseverance are important words to me.  I am kind, which makes interacting and chatting with fans from all over the world extremely fun for me!  I will always be the fun-loving, funny, down to earth girl you are getting to know! 

*Any hardstyle artists you would like to work with in the future?
– Being new to the hardstyle scene, I’m still unfamiliar with many.  However, the ones who have captured my attention and whom I would love to work with are: The Prophet, Headhunterz, and Brennan Heart.  I would also love the chance to do a collaboration with David Guetta or Fedde le Grand.  

If there is anything else you can think of or need, let me know.  I think Josh and I will maybe be in the studio tomorrow recording…. until then,




This article was written by Wouter Koops aka MC Da Syndrome