Exclusive interview Flowd: Ran-D

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Exclusive interview Flowd: Ran-D 

1) Ran-D – you are a growing name in the hard dance scene at the moment. What do you feel makes your sound special and so hot at the moment? What do you want to bring forth in your tracks?

I guess you could describe my sound as a combination of energetic, uplifting and raw. That’s a combination that works well for me on the dancefloor. When I create a new track, I always think about how a track will work at a party.

I like to produce quite different tracks. I like to make raw tracks, for example the Gunz For Hire tracks I work on together with my mate Thijs Ploegmakers (DJ Adaro). But I also love making melodic tracks, like Rebirth anthem (collab with B-Front). This way I can always make a nice combination of raw and melodic and uplifting tracks in my DJ sets.

Besides that I always work with a lot of vocals in a track, and I do a lot of these vocals myself, singing as well as small raps. Vocals are a good instrument to give a track a theme and send out a message that people can relate to.

I’m a pretty picky guy, and I set high standards to myself and to my music. I always invest a lot of time in a track and give it a lot of detail, and make the mix sound as good as possible. But I guess that’s what every producer has to do so make his sound stand out?

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