DJ Mag Top 100 – voting has started!

DJ Mag Top 100 – voting has started!

British number one dance magazine ‘DJ Mag’ has once again opened its portal to receive your votes. The door is wide open, so don’t hesitate to place your vote and show your support to your favorite Scantraxx artist(s). The yearly voting poll is waiting for your personal top 5 of DJs!

Once a year, DJ Mag publishes an overview of the most popular DJs of that year. Everybody who likes electronic music gets a chance to vote on their favorite Dj / Producer. It’s time to get the Hard Dance / Hardstyle scene involved, so be sure to place your vote!

Will be one of the Scantraxx artists listed in the top 100? That is really up to you! Grab your chance and vote for your favorite Top 5 artists. If you don’t have any inspiration, check our list of artists. Click here to vote:

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