Dj Mag Top 100 – Scantraxx

Dj Mag Top 100 – Scantraxx

Once every year comes a special event in every DJ’s calendar. The British magazine DJ Mag hosts its Top 100 vote, and that time of year is upon us once more. The question on everyone’s lips at Scantraxx is simple: ‘Which of our DJs has blown you away this year?’ The way you answer this is simple: pick your top-five DJs, with the number one spot going to your personal favourite.

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs is voted for entirely by you. The industry has no hand in the votes. So this means the voting directly reflects what is happening on the dance-floor, and that is why it is so important for YOU to make yourself heard; get voting and reward those who YOU feel deserve it. Hundreds-of-thousands of dance music addicts the world over cast their votes each year once DJ Mag opens their door -don’t be left out!

Last year, Scantraxx saw our very own Headhunterz voted as the 36th best DJ in the world, thus meaning he was voted the number-one hardstyle DJ on the planet; and D-Block & S-Te-Fan were voted the world’s number one hardstyle duo. We are so proud of them for such a monumental achievement. If you haven’t figured out who deserves your votes, let us provide you with some inspiration: . Be sure to cast your vote once the polls open. It is an amazing opportunity for you to show the world who your favourite artists are. Lets make this a year to remember for hardstyle, and for Scantraxx!

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