Digital punk – Unleashed (powered by A² Records)


Just a few weeks after the start of the year esteemed, Hardstyle artist Digital Punk, announced a move to the legendary A² Records label. By now this move has already brought us the release of Oblivion and his collbab with B-front, spectral. Not to forget the kick-ass collab with Adaro which resulted in a thrilling videoclip of Natural Born Killers.

You will usually find Digital Punk in the studio, a place where he can throw down speaking shattering kicks, spine tingling melodies and even face melting anti-climaxes. But the goal of his move to A² Records was to continue the scene as one unstoppable force. To achieve this goal they teamed up and behind the scenes they have been working on a new project. Now the time has arrived to unleash this great news.

Digital punk – Unleashed (powered by A² Records) the new monthly podcast!

You know what to expect when Digital Punk and A² Records team up to create a podcast: only the hardest tracks of the scene. Digital Punk will be dedicated to unleash a heavy- hitting show every month. Besides that he will provide you with the latest news, sneak peaks and best new tunes of the moment.

The debut edition of the new podcast is due to drop on March 8th and will be available via iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud and direct download. Make sure you are a part of the journey and connect with Digital Punk on all of his social media.

Digital Punk – Unleashed: Unleash the music in you

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