Digital Punk signs with A² Records


We’re only weeks into the new year and esteemed hardstyle artist, Digital Punk, has just announced a move to the legendary A² Records. Seeing these two join forces will come as no surprise to many, given the fact it has been such a successful year for both of them and it’s only logical that they continue to dominate the scene as one unstoppable force. 

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You will usually find Digital Punk in the studio, a place where he can throw down speaking shattering kicks, spine tingling melodies and even face melting anti-climaxes. If he’s not there he will be on stage, where he guides hardstyle lovers on a journey through an incredible genre, one performance at a time. As his fans know only too well, it’s more than just a lifestyle, it’s a passion.

“What a way to start 2013!” were the words of excitement uttered by Digital Punk when discussing the news of the next step in his career. “I’m really enthusiastic about my future at A² Records. We all have the same ideas when it comes to my music and how it’s delivered to my fans.” he explained. “As most people know, A² Records is a very close-knit label. Everyone gets along so well and I can’t wait to be a part of the team.” he continued. But this move isn’t just for show… “There are two releases coming up. The first one will feature my solo track entitled “Oblivion”, alongside a collaboration with B-Front called “Spectral”. After that, another release with my track with The R3belz and the B-Front remix of “Burn”. These next few months are going to be massive.” exclaimed Digital Punk. “I’ve still got some unreleased material with Adaro to come out and I also plan to go into the studio with Crypsis and Frequencerz. Not to mention I have some huge gigs coming up, one of which is Hard Bass in the Gelredome.” he said. “I would like to say one more thing: Thank you! Thank you to my fans, my friends, A² Records and anyone else who has supported me these past few years. I couldn’t do it without all of you. This year is going to be amazing!” he concluded. 

He’s right, 2013 will be amazing. With so many releases, parties and other exciting news to come, there is a lot to look forward to! Make sure you are a part of the journey and connect with Digital Punk on all of his social media.