Devin Wild & KELTEK & Adrenalize & Villain – Fifteen (Official 4K Videoclip)


Scantraxx Recordz. For fifteen years, this name doesn’t just stand for a label, but instead a family, a platform for harvesting talent and a catalogue that holds the most authentic Hardstyle beats. Last month’s 15 Years Scantraxx event saw the label’s most influential artists, long-time fans and newer recruits joining in the iconic AFAS Live to celebrate this musical legacy.

Representing the past fifteen years with the official OST are four influential names that have signified the Scantraxx imprint with pride. Fronted by Devin Wild, KELTEK, Adrenalize and Villain, “Fifteen” is a tune that stands for the past, present and future of Scantraxx. We say, onto the next fifteen!

The future,
The past,
The memories they last,
It’s written on the wall baby,
We’ve seen it all

These nights and parties,
Best shows ever seen,
The strong bond,
of the number fifteen!

No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced
All it takes is one song, to bring it all back

VIDEOCLIP by The apPARTYment –