Defqon.1 Festival – Friday | Update 4: PURPLE | Artic


The fourth artist featured in our series of Defqon.1 updates is Artic. On Friday, June 22nd, he’ll fire off his beats in the Purple area, but you already got to shoot him with your questions!

Johnno van der Velpe twitters he does not know you yet. He wonders who Artic is.
“Inspired by artists like Ben Liebrand, Joey Beltram and The Prodigy, I started producing in the early 90s. When house music split up between hardcore and mellow house, I took the path of the higher BPMs. In 1996, I often spinned hardcore as a guest DJ on New Dance Radio, along with Dione and Unity (who unfortunately is no longer with us, r.i.p. buddy). In 1997 I bumped into an old classmate and we continued as a DJ duo. In 2003 we each went our seperate way and in 2010 the first Artic track was released on Deepack’s Hardcopy Recordings: ‘Parallel Universe’, inspired by sci-fi series Fringe. My latest track is ‘In The Night’, released on A² Records in March this year. My style can best be described as raw, experimental and quite melodic.”

Read the full English version here and the full Dutch version here