Chapter 4 – A2 Records Journey


Chapter 4: A2 Records Journey (Q-Dance Presents: Scantraxx 15 Years)

RAW heavyweights Ran-D & Adaro return to the roots of A2 Records for one last time, showcasing the origin of their careers at this legendary label. From the early days of RAW to the ferocious sound of today, no stone will be left unturned during the A2 Records Journey.

RAW Uprising

During Scantraxx 15 Years, Ran-D and Adaro will take you back to a time when RAW hardstyle was still an upcoming sound. Back then, these two legends produced hit after hit at A2 records, one of Scantraxx’ most successful sublabels. From ‘Under Attack’ and ‘Struggle for Existence’ to ‘Kings of the Underground’ by their infamous live-act Gunz for Hire, Ran-D and Adaro topped the hardstyle charts with each new release. This also resulted in the rising popularity of RAW Hardstyle, making these heroes an essential part of the RAW revolution. Ready to go back in time on 4 November?


“Ran-D and I got to know each other in the local club of Schaijk (small place in Holland where I live) where I was the resident DJ back then. We were both performing there one night, and that’s how we got in touch. Soon after, we hit the studio together. What followed is still unbelievable: performing at the biggest events, the creation of Gunz for Hire, world tours, interviews with DJ Mag and so on. I owe a lot of this to A2 Records.

In the early days of my career, I already noticed that my music was darker and more industrial than most hardstyle tracks of that moment. Because of this, I didn’t have a platform to release my music at until Ran-D got me in contact with A2 Records by Alpha2 in 2010. This label was one of the first to release RAW hardstyle tracks, resulting in the signing of artists such as E-Force and Digital Punk. We released a lot of awesome tracks at A2 Records, so we’re definitely going to bring that sound back on the 4th of November during Scantraxx 15 Years.”


“During my first years at A2 Records, I wasn’t just part of the label as artist but also as A&R manager. This resulted in me always having access to the newest tracks of the moment, which I could premiere at some of the biggest events. Who still remembers Adaro’s ‘Haunter of the Dark’ at Hard Bass 2011 ;)?”

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