Chapter 2 – The Essence


Chapter 2: The Essence (Q-Dance Presents: Scantraxx 15 Years)

Welcome at the core of Scantraxx. This chapter is kicked off by none other than founding father and hardstyle legend DJ The Prophet. Together with 7 other acts that left their mark on this label, he is part of The Essence. From the epic melodies of Wildstylez and Bass Modulators to Italian Hardstyle by Zatox LIVE and the sound of the future by the likes of Adrenalize, KELTEK and Devin Wild, this chapter provides the ultimate showcase of the Scantraxx legacy and future.

Past, present and future!

Hardstyle fanatics, you’re in for a treat. Witness the glorious highlights of the Scantraxx saga during the evening’s main chapter together with an incredible ensemble of artists that aren’t just the foundation of Scantraxx, but also the label’s biggest prospects. Check out below which tracks made an enormous impact on both the artists and the label.

The 60-minute Chapter 2 mix will be aired live at on 13 September (20:00 CEST).

DJ The Prophet

“It’s funny when you look back at the releases of the last 15 years and specifically when which tracks became huge hits and which onesare still played today. Awesome to see a genre develop itself like that.”


“What I really liked about my time at Scantraxx was that everything was still basic in the beginning. There were no artist managers or riders, it was all about making music.”

“There was a period when I wasn’t sure about pursuing a serious career in music. The Prophet and Headhunterz motivated me by telling me to ‘take my shit to the next level’, and so I did. Funny to see how it all worked out eventually.”

Devin Wild

“I will never forget my first national and international gigs during my time at Scantraxx . Suddenly I went from 0 to 50 gigs each year.”

Bass Modulators

“Our most memorable Scantraxx moment was when we finally released our first EP’s after a lot of waiting and doubt. Music is my Life/Keep on Rocking had a huge impact, that’s when it all really begun for us.”


“Around 2010, The Prophet and I thought of a platform that could showcase Italian Hardstyle to its fullest. We’ve set up the Italian Hardstyle label, which turned out to be a huge success with 33 EP’s within two years!”

DJ The Prophet about Zatox: “Back in the day, there were a lot of Italian heroes. We wanted to get them all together by forming a pact: Italian Hardstyle. Tatanka, Davide Sonar and others soon followed.”

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