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His journey through decades of hardstyle has made him the great artist he is today. The Prophet, the true hardstyle phenomenon, has again produced the most banging tracks last year like ‘H3Y!’, ‘R3tro’, ‘So Wrong’ and ‘Everlasting’. His inspiration is endless, his fantasy is unlimited and his goals are infinite. These are the things that make him the most legendary artist of the scene and bring him success year after year.

His world-famous hardstyle label, Scantraxx Recordz, has won the Hard Dance Award for best hardstyle label in the world last year, just like it did the years before. This proves how much people value this label all over the world.

With Scantraxx Recordz, he keeps on signing up the best producers and gives upcoming young producers the platform they need to grow as artists. 

In short: He has written lots of chapters in the history book of hardstyle. For this, he definitely deserves a spot in the DJ Mag Top 100, so cast your vote for The Prophet at the DJ Mag voting poll!