Brennan Heart about his ‘Alternate Reality’ experience


 ‘Alternate Reality’ Anthem & Qlimax 2010

“DJ’s these days, they wanna be a rockstar, we’re mf idiots that can’t play the guitar” Of course this was a gimmick, but playing my anthem with a live orchestra (Magnum Opus Rockestra) sure made me feel like a rockstar. To perform with an orchestra was one of my biggest dreams. It took months of preparation and involved many people but it was all worth it. It was one of my personal highlights to see the music of the anthem come together with the theme of Qlimax, merging in the moment.

Before Qlimax I had to prepare my set, record and arrange the anthem with the orchestra, mix the Qlimax compilation and in the mean time I toured in the USA. Next Wednesday I’m going Down Under and I hardly get a moment to let it all sink in. I guess I’m living the life I always wanted and I want to thank YOU ALL!!

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