Atmozfears: success driven trio with a diverse and complex sound


It is May 2008 when Michael Jessen from the Netherlands and Kevin Keiser from Canada meet each other on a forum about Hardstyle. They started a conversation and a click arises. In one of those conversations they talk about making a track together.

Kevin: “We started working on a track together and we were pleasantly surprised with the chemistry and overall result of the finished track at the time. Once we finished two tracks we decided to name ourselves Atmozfears.” Later that year, in November, Tim van de Stadt, who lives in Germany, joins the group. Again they meet at a Hardstyle minded forum. In different conversations the trio finds out they all share the same musical vision which they want to transform into real productions. With Tim as the third member, the group is complete.

A few months later, in March 2009, Michael and Kevin meet each other for the first time in real life. They talk about music, Atmozfears and they also create a good friendship. Because of the large distance between the Netherlands and Canada it’s not possible yet to perform together. Michael: “Kevin performed solo in Canada while I did the same in the Netherlands.”

Tim has never been found behind the decks. Kevin: “Tim is the brain behind all of our productions. He devises and writes the tracks while I play a major role in the overall sound design and arrangement. During a gig Tim enjoys being backstage as much as he would be behind the decks. Michael and I do the performances.”

When asked how they would characterize their style, the boys have no ready answer. “We are not boxed in. Every track is different. We make very diverse music and we experiment a lot. Our songs are very complex. Perhaps that’s the best characterization for our music”, Kevin says.

Everyone who hears tracks from Atmozfears can only confirm this characterization. Kevin: “We do a lot of sound design to ensure that the song won’t become boring and monotonous. There are many different sounds and  elements going on in the background of every track.” The trio strives to remain diverse. “That way we can captivate interest for a wider audience”, Kevin says.

With three different producers in one group, it’s tempting to think that they have regular discussions about the style of a track. Not with the boys of Atmozfears. Michael: “We are always on the same page when it comes to our productions. Sometimes we only have discussions about the details, but we always find a solution.”

Joining Scantraxx Recordz has been a dream comes true. Kevin: “Scantraxx is a label which we have always looked up to. We have worked toward this moment for years.” The label suits the ambitions the producers have. In June Kevin will move to The Netherlands for a long period of time. Until then, the trio prepares themselves for the upcoming festival season. “We want to prepare ourselves as best as we can. There are many unreleased tracks which we want to release as soon as possible. We want to make sure that we create a feeling with the audience. That’s an important goal for us”, Michael says.

Kevin: “We want to make 2012 a great year, with many performances, that we will never forget.” The group was presented at Defqon.1 Festival both in 2009 and 2010. Michael’s dream is to repeat that but on a global scale. “I consider it as a privilege when you can perform worldwide and share music with different parts of the world, for example Defqon.1 Festival in Australia and most recently Mysteryland in Chile. It would be great if we can experience and achieve that goal.” Kevin and Tim share the same dream as Michael, but adding a few more ambitions to it. Kevin: “We want to release more tracks in 2012 and continue to develop our sound. We want to evict a positive emotional response from the audiences of our music.”