Artic: new name at A² Records


Erik Smeets, the man behind Artic, made his first steps in the electronic dance music in the early nineties. During the years he produced several genres like hard house and hardcore. But after a while he wanted to try something else: something completely different than he used to do.  

After a break of three years, he started to produce harder and rougher tracks with his new act Artic. From that moment you can expect energetic songs with a raw edge. Because of his history with other music genres, the productions and sets of Artic are always dynamic and surprising. This method of producing makes Artic suitable as new artist for A² Records.

Today A² Records has also released the first track of Artic at his new label titled: Artic – In The Night. You can get your copy here at

To follow Artic you can check his twitter, facebook or website