Adrenalize & Scantraxx Recordz each receive a Hard Dance Award


The votes have been counted, the results have been announced and the hard dance community has officially spoken. Adrenalize has been named ‘Best New Face’, and Scantraxx secure ‘Best Label’ (for the 4th year running), in 2013’s Hard Dance Awards.

From performances in the Ziggo Dome and Heineken Music Hall to an incredible amount of support on Hard with Style, Adrenalize has been on a remarkable rise to the top since signing with Scantraxx back in May 2012. He has recently finished the anthem for Legacy Festival in Austria, and just last week performed at an exclusive Headhunterz party in Amsterdam. It’s no surprise that the 16 year old Danish talent has received such great support from the hardstyle scene, given the fantastic work he has been doing on stage and in the studio!

Over the past 12 months, Scantraxx have worked hard to provide you, their devoted fans, with more music than ever before. Alongside over 70 releases, Scantraxx have signed 5 new artists, made their way into the iOS App Store, hosted a variety of parties and reached many incredible milestones. ‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 10 Years’ and ‘GroupOne presents: Scantraxx 10 Years’ are just a couple of sold out shows at which everyone expressed their passion for hardstyle and celebrated the label’s amazing 10th birthday!

Looking back over all the Scantraxx releases, it’s safe to say this has been one of their best years for music. One album in particular is “Headhunterz – Sacrifice”, which they released with all profits going to dance4life, a charity dedicated to helping young people take action against HIV and AIDS. We also seen the debut album from Noisecontrollers entitled “E=NC2”, which received massive praise from around the globe. Those are just two examples from a huge list of stunning releases, and we wish we could go through them all and commend the artists one by one.

Rudy Peters (Scantraxx Label Manager) has taken a few moments to say a few words about the results of the Hard Dance Awards!

“We’re so proud to be voted the ‘Best Label’ for the 4th time in a row. The past year has been one we’ll never forget, and this award just tops it all off perfectly. Both the artists and label staff have worked non-stop, and our fans have shown an unbelievable amount of support. When I look at the upcoming releases and other projects, I can’t help but be excited for the future. It will be hard to beat such a spectacular year, but we’ll sure as hell try!”

Rudy Peters (Label Manager)

We’re only at the beginning of 2013 and there’s no way of telling what Scantraxx or Adrenalize may have in store for us, but it will no doubt be exciting! From start to finish, we are all in this together, combining our energies to grow and improve this wonderful hard dance scene. In other words: “We Are One!”

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