D-Block & S-Te-Fan @ Outland Rotterdam

Date: 23.10.2010


Time: 22:00 - 06:00

D-Block & S-te-Fan Saturday 23rd of October 2010, Outland Rotterdam


No other than Diederik Bakker and Stefan de Daas a.k.a. D-Block & S-te-Fan will be the centre of attention Saturday the 23rd of October in a one-night only event. During this evening, Outland will be transformed into a true DBSTF-temple with the acts and DJs they have invited: “ We were very excited that this opportunity was offered to us! With Thrillogy we got to experience what it’s like to host an evening, when it comes to artists and musical realization. We enjoyed this a lot and so did the audience! We can’t wait to get started!”


With great passion for melody and bass, D-Block & S-te-Fan found each other in 2004. These gentlemen became one of the most popular Hardstyle artists quickly. After many live-performances and great cooperations, there’s now an evening in which they are the centre of attention themselves. Important is the programming for this evening: “We are very pleased with the programming for this evening at Outland. The line-up contains only the best artists who all know how to party in their own way. No other than Deepack will take Hardstyle to the highest level. Zany, the ‘King of Hardstyle’, and Wildstylez, the glorious closing act of Defqon, can’t be missed in this line-up. Coone, our Belgium ‘gang member’, will also show his skills to the crowd. Frontliner will perform his work live at Outland. As the closing act, Max Enforcer a.k.a. Evil Activities, will draw the last energy out of the audience with the best Hardstyle and Hardcore tracks. Who can’t be missed in our DBSTF-temple is no other than our friend MC Villain”.


“What the visitors can expect from this evening remains of course a surprise. One thing is sure, the sound at Outland is booming. The most important thing for us is: the party-feeling, smiling and dancing people. The realization is a reflection of the music we like and the artists who match with a specific sound in our opinion. When it comes to Hardstyle, all styles are represented at this event. Of course we’ll have to wait to see what will be released before this event. Besides a lot of solo-work, there are a lot of cooperations and remixes coming up. We are looking forward to it a lot. One of our first bookings was at Outland and it’s great to come back with our own evening. See you there!”



The 23rd of October will be a special one-night only event completely about D-Block & S-te-Fan. So make sure you’re there! Tickets are 20 euros (ex. fee) and can be ordered at the Outland website: www.outland.nl



D-Block & S-te-Fan






Max Enforcer

Evil Activities

MC Villain