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About Imperial

Louder, harder and boundary-breaking, Imperial is here to stay. With their explosive trademark sound loaded with blasting kicks, energetic rap-inspired vocals, and their through-the-roof energy, the Hardcore duo has dominated the scene since 2019. 

Tidjan Kamara & Nick van Diepen, better known as Imperial, created a unique act that has proven to energize thousands of people. At the most impactful events in the scene, such as Defqon.1 and Decibel outdoor, the guys showcased their immense skills.

After releasing dance floor smashers like Papi, Ready 2 Go, or their collaboration Fast Life together with Irradiate on Scantraxx, Imperial officially joined the leading label in July 2021. With an album in the pipeline, the duo is going full force in 2021. They are more than ready to be back on stage, packed with new music and outstanding performances.

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Scantraxx BLACK
20 / 08 / 2021
Scantraxx BLACK
22 / 07 / 2021
Scantraxx BLACK
28 / 07 / 2020

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