20 Years of Scantraxx

Scantraxx, Creating Memories for 20 Years!

We’ve got one hell of a year ahead of us, celebrating our 20 year anniversary! On this page you can find out all about the upcoming and past celebrations of this monumental year of Scantraxx. From a livestream to special Legacy compilation albums to full fledged events, we cannot wait to show it all to you and celebrate 20 Years of Scantraxx together with you!

Events and Livestreams

Scantraxx 20 Years Live Experience

In March we've recorded and broadcasted the Scantraxx 20 Years Live Experience through our Youtube Channel, with only the best of our Scantraxx artists. Recorded in one hell of a location in Nijmegen, we spend a full day recording a full fledge event and got together a big production worthy of a 20 Year celebration. What about KELTEK, Devin Wild, Kronos? And the very first live-set of Envine, our newest member of the Scantraxx main-label? 

Music: Interviews, Albums and Releases

At Scantraxx we're all about music, and with 20 Years of history we've got quite the trackrecord of making music! Let's dive into the past together with 4 amazing compilation albums that we have planned, plus some unexpected albums that we cannot wait to share with you!

Compilation albums

Scantraxx 20 Years Legacy (2002 - 2007)
Scantraxx Albums
16 / 03 / 2022