Digital Punk

Digital Punk – DJ and Producer
Digital Punk’s talent and love for music, ambitiousness, creativity and hard work lead to his mythical music and energetic sets. As an artist, Rene is engaged in both performing as well as creating hardstyle music with a raw edge.

It all developed and evolved over time
Digital Punk has proven himself as an astounding talented producer. He created hits like: ‘Bringin the funk’, ‘Everyday ft Adaro’, ‘Shadows of the day’ and Dark Symphony’. In May 2011 his very own album `Escape from Reality` was released.

He performed on the massive stages of Defqon 1, Q-Base, Decibel, Emporium, Hard Bass and `10 years Q-Dance. Both collaborations with other prestigious DJ’s as well as his own smashing productions send his career in the right direction and beyond.

Musical savings for the future
Digital Punk is so diverse that he can do almost anything. He is amiable to a huge hardstyle audience, because he knows how to please everyone’s ears. Naturally being that versatile is just hard evidence of him being a prodigious DJ and a true musical wizard when it comes to producing.

Digital Punk puts on energetic shows and has the one and only desire to play and create music. Quite frankly he is indispensable at any main hardstyle event. While producing new areas and ideas arise and lead to the next line of fabulous work. So beware for what’s coming your way!  GET DIGITALIZED by this genius DJ and producer!!